Funding & Investing

We support early stage start ups with funding.

Having the first steps already made it is essential to find sufficient funding. We support funding with both own funds and finding further investors. With a network of investors we are able to support a seed or an A-round in the range of 0.1 to 2 MEUR.

We invest in start ups that have proven their concept with first market traction and/or relevant product readiness. We do not invest in pure concepts without material achievements. We have a focus is on start ups in Switzerland and Germany but also look into the neighboring countries.


Support & Consulting

We support start ups with expertise.

As start up entrepreneurs you face many challenges. Most are within your profession but some go beyond. Especially when it comes to strategy, financing, team building, etc. it is often the first time you face certain issues and challenges.  This is where we support with coaching, expertise and certain routines.

Our approach is to support your start up in a way that enables you to focus on your core business - developing your product or service, win customers and build your company.


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